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Science Fair Assembly
Science Fair Assembly

Fundraising Goals

PEPCO works with the Principal and teacher representatives to determine the best ways to meet the needs of the school, in terms of personnel and enrichment programs, through fundraising activities. The table below shows the projected supplemental staff and enrichment programs to be funded by PEPCO for the 2018/2019 school year.


K-5th Grade Arts $38,000
After School Theater $5,000
Science Fair Assembly $1,000
Books (*Scholastic Dollars generated by Book Fair sales) $5,000
Playground Upgrades $100,000

The table above does not include any administrative expenses or foundation fees that are incurred to run the major fundraising events or for PEPCO itself. Throughout the year PEPCO raises funds for foundation programs and in June commits to funding these programs for the following school year. PEPCO raises funds one year in advance of authorizing any expenditures. This ensures that PEPCO can meet its annual commitments for the following year. In addition to the above cash expenditures, PEPCO Scholastic Book Fairs earn free books for Ponderosa classrooms.