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Direct Donation


Non-Profit Tax ID# 26-0715870

NCES School ID: 063543006049

All donations to PEPCO, a non-profit organization, are for the direct benefit of Ponderosa School and are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Foundations are a unique way for individuals and corporations to express their commitment to the well-being of the community and school.

Cash Donations – Although donations are accepted at any time, PEPCO holds its direct donation campaign drive each Fall. Many companies offer a ‘Matching Gifts’ program that can double your contribution to PEPCO.

Matching Gifts  Many companies will match your contribution to non-profit organizations like PEPCO. To find out if your company offers this program contact your HR Department. Many times it's as simple as filling out a short form 




Ponderosa Enrichment Programs Committee
Direct Donation Contribution Card

Yes, I want to help support the educational enrichment programs offered by Ponderosa Elementary School!

Name _________________________________                        Home Phone (         )______________________

Address ___________________________________________________________

Student(s) _______________________________________________        Classroom(s) ____________________

I am making a donation of $__________                (     )  I have enclosed a check         (     )  I would like a receipt

(     )  Matching Grant was submitted to company   (Tax ID# 26-0715870 ,  NCES School ID: 063543006049)

 Company name ____________________


Please make your check payable to “PEPCO” and drop it in the office or mail it to:

Ponderosa PEPCO
804 Ponderosa Ave, Sunnyvale CA  94086

Thank you for your contribution!