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Board Members

2019-2020 Executive Board Members

Principal Alissa Meltzer
President Lily Owen
Executive VP Angela Amberden
First VP Open
Second VP Ruchi Katiyar
Third VP Anu Kumar
Secretary Irina Simpson
Treasurer Michelle Millet
Financial Secretary Aja Sulack
Auditor Margherita Lai
Historian Krista Urias
Parliamentarian Open
Faculty Rep Heidi Gou, Susan Hull
Student Rep Open



  1. Coordinate work of officers and committees and preside at all Board and General meetings
  2. Appoint the chairmen of all committees and be a member of *all committees (attendance at all committee meetings is not required)    * The President does not sit on the Nominating Committee
  3. Sign all requests for payment authorizing bills to be paid
  4. Be the Association's representative at Monthly Council meetings and one District meeting



  1. Act as an aide to the President
  2. Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President
  3. Coordinate Red Ribbon Week


FIRST VICE PRESIDENT- Cultural Outreach:

  1. Research and work with the Principal to decide on 3 cultural assemblies for the school year


SECOND VICE PRESIDENT – Volunteer Program:

  1. Collect and maintain a list of parents that have signed up to volunteer for various committees, activities and events at Ponderosa
  2. Act as liaison between the school and volunteer helpers for volunteer requests



  1. Coordinate the work of the Halloween Happening Committee and report activities to the PTSA Executive Board
  2. Coordinate International Night with 1st VP



  1. Keep a written record of all meetings and be prepared to refer to the minutes of previous meetings
  2. Prepare a list of all unfinished business for the use of the President
  3. Record all expenditures in the minutes
  4. Keep a current list of all paid members of the Association
  5. Keep a current copy of the existing Bylaws and Standing Rules
  6. Conduct correspondence as necessary and coordinate with the President to send out notices of Executive Board meetings



  1. Keep permanent books of all accounts and financial records
  2. Receive and deposit all money for the Association
  3. Pay all bills as authorized by the Board and General Membership
  4. Keep accurate records of receipts and disbursements
  5. Remit National, State, District and Council dues quarterly or as needed
  6. Provide a statement of account at every meeting of the Association and Executive Board                       
  7. Make an annual report to the Association Membership and submit reports as requested from Council



  1. Assist the Treasurer as agreed upon
  2. Coordinate Wednesday Ice Cream Sales



  1. Audit the financial records of the Association semi-annually and upon resignation of the Treasurer and as deemed necessary
  2. Present a written report for Association adoption at the October and February General meetings



  1. Assemble and preserve a record of activities, achievements and volunteer hours of the Association
  2. Fill out the unit's annual report form with activities completed by this school's PTSA as required by the California State PTA/PTSA



  1. Gives advice on parliamentary procedure
  2. Calls the first nominating committee meeting, conducts election of the chairman and gives procedural instruction
  3. Chairs the bylaws committee and reviews bylaws and standing rules annually